Osiris est une guitare complètement innovante. Ça peut être toutes les guitares à la fois
et aucun en particulier.
Osiris est incontournable ! Voyageant et modulable.
Elle peut perdre la tête et être contorsionniste pour voyager léger.
Et restituer ses cendres en étant autre…

[Article upgraded on May 22th, 2021]


The origin of the guitar. After a model of travel guitar made for a customer 10 years ago, and 8 months of gestation, the luthier Hervé BERARDET developed the initial idea. To achieve a unique innovative guitar:

Make a hollow body guitar, both nomadic and multiple!

Before reassembling it, you can swap different parts to get several guitars in one!

Osiris, god and mythical king of ancient Egypt, murdered and dismembered by his brother Seth, was born again thanks to his sisters. They breathed new life into it with a flutter of its wings. And he became « other ». Thus, the rebirth of Osiris heralds all forms of possible renewal!

Artistic and Ethical

Osiris is first of all a hollow body jazz guitar with curved table and bottom, very demanding in its guitar maker craftsmanship (acoustics, shape …), without compromises.

Indeed, Hervé used only local or European from temperate forest wood. Also, its finish is in ecological hard oil which he has been using for more than 25 years. The result is an artistic and ethical instrument!

In the spirit of making it all local and all handcrafted, the pickups are hand-wound in Bordeaux (France) by Maize Instruments label.

See article from GUITARIST ACOUSTIC #74 January 2021 : here


In addition to making a travel guitar like the concept he imagined 10 years ago, Hervé Bérardet chose to make Osiris a modular instrument. A doubly innovative guitar. He thus incorporated technical and practical innovations into it. In fact, it is scalable as music can be for the improviser!


Modularity is at the heart of innovation. It revolves around a central part and 2 lateral parts:

  1. The neck, a key element for the guitarist, screwed to the central part is removable to be inserted in luggage.
  2. The central part is a basic maple piece with Humbuckers.
  3. This can be exchanged with another one in walnut, in order to obtain another sound with 2 P90 pickups.
  4. And also exchanged with a last central part in pear, for a more jazzy sound thanks to a Charlie Christian pickup
  5. The 2 movable side parts (treble level / bass level) are removable. They can then be replaced by 2 others of different shape and wood.

These side parts are made from the following woods:

  • a pair with Florentine cutaway (suggesting the horn of Osiris) and gills in f. It is all made of maple. It is a traditional wood of artisanal guitar making.
  • another with a rounded or Venitian cutaway (suggesting its scepter) and gills in the shape of a hawk’s flight. It is made of pear or walnut, local fruit trees more recently used. An asserted choice for the return of the local to guitar making. And sustainable development (the rebirth of Osiris)!

Following its disassembly:simply reassemble the neck on the guitar with another central part and / or two other sides. Thus, Osiris is reborn in another form and another wood. We then obtain different aesthetics, visual and acoustic. It brings new sensations and inspirations to the musician!

Technical choices

In guitar making crafting terms:

  1. The choice of the Hollow boby shape : to bring lightness and resonance, with a structure studied for more « sustain » and harmonics.
  2. The wooden structure of the central part is partly solid and partly hollow:
  • Partly full to bring stability to the whole and to the neck in particular, « sustain » and also to limit the « larsen » effect of the neck pickup.
  • Partly hollow to insert the pickups, bring lightness and acoustic resonance:
    • Maple version for a more jazz / rock sound (clarity and definition – the attack and roundness of the neck humbucker for jazz / powerful and incisive sound of the bridge humbucker for rock).
    • Walnut / cherry wood version for a more round and bluesy tone. Impactful and dynamic P90 pickups for blues / rock.

In mechanical terms:

  1. Insertion of parts by translation system with axial stops.
  2. Spring balls (for axial stops) firmly hold the assembly once the elements are fixed.
  3. A single knurled screw allows disassembly of the handle.

Innovative guitar

In conclusion, Osiris disassembles completely to fit in a simple baggage (in the airplane cabin). And thus goes completely unnoticed in a backpack. Then can become a completely different guitar by exchanging its central part and its lateral parts with others. Allowing you to obtain several different aesthetic and acoustic results.

Photos in version # 1 and version # 1bis – more to come in other versions:

Video Preview – 3 guitarists in 3 minutes: 

  1. Soon other videos showing off the whole scale of pickups, neck/bridge, and modularity in actions!

From one to 4 guitars,

from jazz to rock,

Osiris is multiple, traveling and modular!

  • Exhibition model to test at our workshop on Rendez-vous: 05 33 51 24 62 or e-mail us:


  • From 4000 € or 3665,80 £ (single model – single nets – with a central part provided with a Humbucker, a pair of side parts, with backpack for airplane cabin 55 X 40 X 20 cm)

In photos, the top-of-the-range exhibition model : B / W / B / W nets, 2 pickups, 2 pairs of side parts, backpack.

  • On order 1 to 3 months –
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Osiris’ profile for further informations:

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